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Is your social media marketing campaign a mess?

Are your online reviews hurting you?

Is your online visibility low?

You have a low budget?

If your answer to all the above is YES then call Site For Biz immediatly!


This year will be the biggest year in social media, so it is important to work side by side with a reliable marketing team that will increase your visibilty in the new online social ranking formula. Not to mention that online reviews are an essential component in mobile app discovery and have a huge impact on consumer decision. So if you let your bad reviews pile up without effectivley engaging yourself in the community you risk the chance of loosing 2 out of 5 new potential customers.


Site For Biz marketing efforts are spread out into 3 comprehensive steps:


1- Understand the nature of your business and devise the best social media marketing campaign that works for you

2- Determine your budget for online incentives and giveaways in return to social interaction with your business

3- Explain the process of redemption and social reward and properly educating staff

4- Marketing kit


1- Create all artworks needed for your campaing with our design team

2- Setup all main stream social profiles for your business (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin)

3- Get your business into location based apps ( Yelp checkin, Foursquare, social gaming)

4- List your business on all main business directories: Google, Bing, Yahoo, manta, Thumbtack and more

5- Do a run through of ALL your online reviews, analyze points of strenght and weaknesses, then draft a report of the issues you need to address or enhance at your venue

6- Curing and/or addressing bad reviews properly

7- Setup all agreed upon specials on various channels

8- Email marketing in conjucntion with your social media channels


1- Monthly statistical report of the progress of the campaing

2- Monitoring newly posted reviews and instantly taking action

3- Fine-tuning the campaing after aggregating and collecting solid data

4- Constantly posting specials and tweets on your social channels

5- Maintain updated profiles, logo, holiday graphics, specials and business listings

6- Periodic, well timed, email newsletter

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